Little Simz Reveals Long-Awaited 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert'

Little Simz Reveals Long-Awaited 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert'

September 03, 2021

After months of exhilarating, funk-ridden yet deeply intimate teasers like "I Love You, I hate You", "Introvert", "Rolling Stone" and "Woman" alongside Cleo Sol, Little Simz has finally delivered her highly-awaited album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert.

Despite the delicacy of the opening title, "Introvert", the sonics tell a different story. Built around intense moments of orchestral build ups that reappear in different pockets throughout the album, Simz lays down an insightful commentary on the state of society while claiming her power as an introverted woman.

Although the lyrical content offer many standout moments across the album — like the disco-tinged "Protect My Energy", "Little Q, Pt.2", "I See You" and "Point And Kill" featuring Nigerian artist Obongjayar — even the interludes offer us a window into Simz's personal world.

Alongside the album, Simz also dropped off visuals for "Point And Kill", which you can view below. Directed by Ebeneza Blanche, it's a Nollywood-style piece drenched in '70s vintage African fashion and cultural symbolism; yet another example of Little Simz's fearless creative outpour.

The entire album displays Simz's versatility as a rapper and storyteller as she pulls from her pool of hip-hop, jazz, soul and gospel influences to deliver an elaborate narrative throughout. With only three features across the 19-track project including Cleo Sol, Obonjayar and some wise words from The Crown actress Emma Corin, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is a listening experience that requires razor-sharp attention to detail in order to understand the piercing messages layered into Simz's bars.

Lose yourself in Sometimes I Might Be Introvert below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Jake Turney