Tommy B & Frisco See Through False Personas On iLL BLU-Produced Heater "Come Off It"

Tommy B & Frisco See Through False Personas On iLL BLU-Produced Heater "Come Off It"

January 25, 2023

Essex-born rhymer Tommy B begins the new year with some advice for the stunters to "Come Off It" on this new drop featuring Frisco.

Mastermind production duo iLL BLU take charge of the beat, building the right amount of suspense for Tommy's relentless bars. He begins with an impenetrable hook before going into detail about his frustrations with rappers hiding behind fake personas. Frisco arrives in agreement, with a couple of digs at those who fail to match their actions with their words.

Speaking a bit more about the track and its targets, Tommy says: "'Come Off It' is a song I wrote that pokes fun at some of the rappers that I believe are carrying a persona that doesn't match who they really are. I used the line 'Come Off It' for the hook as it's something I say in my day-to-day life and it just seemed to perfectly match the subject.

"I shouted Frisco to do a verse and it's an honour to have him on the track, especially as someone I grew up listening to. He came through and hit all the pockets in the production and absolutely killed it. iLLBLU produced this song and they seamlessly merged grime and drill to create the perfect stage for this track."

From the production down to the ferocious barring, "Come Off It" is a strong release from Tommy B and a promising sign of what's to come on his debut album Spiritual Hooligan, which is due to land this Friday, January 27. Dive in below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Haruki Design