Shaé Universe Needs Some Time Alone On "Give Me A Break" f/ Ayotemi

Shaé Universe Needs Some Time Alone On "Give Me A Break" f/ Ayotemi

August 01, 2022

Shaé Universe stuns us once again with her dreamy vocal abilities and candid songwriting on her newest track "Give Me A Break" alongside Nigerian-US artist Ayotemi.

Shaé's vocals melt over the guitar-led drill production from The Prodigal Sons as she cries out for some much-needed space away from the loud chatter of her mind. Ayotemi steps in on the second verse, penning similar feelings to Shaé in an attempt to rise above those frustrations. It's a brief track, but an extremely comforting one for those days where things seem to be falling apart.

Speaking on the track, Shaé explains: "The day I wrote 'Give Me A Break' I was out in LA and I was having such a stressful morning. I came into the studio blacked out from head to toe, hooded up and super anti because I was in a bad mood. I almost didn't go actually but I pushed through and now, upon reflection, I'm super glad I did.

"Then Ayotemi pulled up for the last hour of the session and just took the song to a whole other level with his verse. Whether you're working out your frustrations in the gym or just struggling to start your day on a positive note, this song is the ONE. It's okay to give yourself a break and let it all out."

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Karis Beaumont