Nikhil Beats Steps Out As A Solo Artist With Blissful "Feel Me"

Nikhil Beats Steps Out As A Solo Artist With Blissful "Feel Me"

September 20, 2022

As a self-taught instrumentalist and producer, Nikhil Beats has crafted a variety of captivating sounds for a number of UK artists including nu-jazz soulstress Muva of Earth, Bawo, Danny Sanchez, and Kieron Boothe to name a few. Now he's stepping out with "Feel Me", his first solo track as a self-produced artist, and it arrives ahead of a forthcoming EP titled Earthly Desires Lead To Enlightenment.

Hazy guitar drums and bass licks collide to create an enticing groove that wraps around Nikhil's vocals. It's a gentle, cloud-surfing cut that urges us to dig into the deeper parts of ourselves to arrive at a state of spiritual bliss.

On the subject of taking the leap to create as a solo artist, he shares: "It's a big step for me to release a track with my vocals without a featured artist, it feels natural though. 'Feel Me' is extremely personal, I put myself in a vulnerable place when writing the lyrics which musicians should do when creating something that’s going out into the world. The concept is about going deeper toward understanding my higher self and ego in order to reach the next phase in my life. Most importantly, a life where I’m presented more as the man I want to be rather than an immature child. I love this song!"

Earthly Desires Lead To Enlightenment is set to arrive October 12 but in the meantime sink into "Feel Me" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Jazmin Amour