Lil Silva Primes Us For 'Yesterday Is Heavy' LP With "What If" f/ Skiifall & "Leave It" f/ Charlotte Day Wilson

Lil Silva Primes Us For 'Yesterday Is Heavy' LP With "What If" f/ Skiifall & "Leave It" f/ Charlotte Day Wilson

July 01, 2022

Lil Silva has returned to once again grace us with his genre-splicing, otherworldly sounds on two new tracks from his upcoming debut album Yesterday Is Heavy.

Both tracks orbit two separate planets of sounds, with "What If" snatching elements of bashment, grime, and garage, bound by Silva's extensive knowledge of UK club music. For the first, "What If", he invites Caribbean-Canadian rapper Skiifall to lend his patois-soaked flows, while Canada-based multi-instrumentalist Charlotte Day Wilson layers velvety vocals all over the second release, "Leave It".

"What If" becomes a sort of orchestrated chaos thanks to Skiifall's compelling performance as he touches on themes of family and roots. "Leave It", meanwhile, is a sweet and gentle nudge for us to stay connected to the present moment and not be swept away by trivial distractions.

Sharing his thoughts on "What If?", Lil Silva says: "I really channelled inspiration from our roots on this record. You can hear the reggae, bashment and grime influence weave in and out. It's about the course we find ourselves on without even thinking, how love and family play a huge role in our life but staying grounded and never forgetting what got us here."

And on "Leave It", he adds: "It's about being in the now! There's no need to worry, at least don't worry about anything for too long. The clouds of doubts that hover over you in life and in love sometimes feel like you'll never move out of but however grey and however challenging there is a way to get through it. It's too easy to get caught up in everything around you. This song is a message about celebrating what's in front of you—the now."

These two new tracks follow the Sampha-assisted "Backwards" and "Another Sketch", all of which is more than enough to get us buzzing for the album ahead of its July 15 release.

Words: Blessing Borode
Image via Publicist