Lava La Rue Enlists Virgil Hawkins For Second Mixtape Single "Moschino In '83"

Lava La Rue Enlists Virgil Hawkins For Second Mixtape Single "Moschino In '83"

May 29, 2019

It was only a few months ago that West London's Lava La Rue presented her first single of the year with "Burn", and as she prepares for the release of the Stitches mixtape next month, she's revealed the second single from the project in "Moschino in '83" featuring Virgil Hawkins.

The track is a laid-back bop that sees the 20-year-old exhibit not only her vocals but her bars in an exquisite mixture of the two skill-sets that have garnered her attention thus far. This is followed by an auto-tuned verse from Virgil, who brings a different dynamic to proceedings with the hard-hitting bass adding a gritty energy to the track.

"When Virgil said 'I work hard like Moschino in '83' in his verse, I really felt that," La Rue says. "Just before he wrote those lyrics, we had a deep conversation about not feeling the need to linger at parties anymore or go to functions just to say you went nor be around people who aren't giving back emotionally or positively, and the lyrics to this song kinda came from that transition of seeing which true friends and partners are still there when it's time to grind and not just having fun. When your goal in life suddenly becomes clear, it's like tunnel vision and the right ones see that tunnel with you."

Words: Aaron Bishop