ENNY Demands Emotional Stability On Emil-Produced "No More Naija Men"

ENNY Demands Emotional Stability On Emil-Produced "No More Naija Men"

February 20, 2023

ENNY trades her expensive "Champagne Problems" for the emotional offering "No More Naija Men".

Flowing over the bossa nova-style percussion and hair-raising piano chords, ENNY vows to no longer sacrifice her emotional well-being for toxic relationships. Coming courtesy of London producer Emil, the production underlines intimate stories straight from ENNY's inner world, revealing her perspective on the universal experience of relationship hiccups and dating trials.

Otis Dominique directs the narrative-based visuals where characters play out the common mishaps within a relationship through an artistic lens; rising vocalist Bellah even drops by for a comedic skit towards the end.

Speaking on the creative process, ENNY comments, "I had writer's block at the end of 2021. Then I had my first session with Emil, he'd been playing through some sick beats. Then, I hear these beautiful bongo drums alongside four simple chords. I was sold. The head bopping and writing began."

"This song is a processing of things observed and felt. Conversations on interracial and intercultural love. And the ultimate conclusion that Nigerian men are mad. I want to keep alive the art of rapping and bring listeners into an unfamiliar yet familiar sound."

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Otis Dominique