Blanco Pops To "Londis" For Essential New Drop

Blanco Pops To "Londis" For Essential New Drop

March 31, 2023

Just a couple of weeks after he gifted us "Carpe Diem", Blanco's clearly on a roll because he's already back with a new single, "Londis".

The shimmering, feather-light production comes from Jens Muller and at just shy of two minutes long, it's certainly lean. With no room for frills and excess, Blanco keeps it direct with a no-fussing speed-run through the characters and stories in his notepad.

We had speculated that a follow-up to his scene-shifting City Of God tape and although he hasn't confirmed in either direction, two drops in a month at least suggests he's building up to something—whatever that may be.

Hit play on the video below to join Blanco, director Jay Green, and the locals on a dizzying trip to the corner shop.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Zek Snaps