ATO Heads To The Motherland In "Courts" Video With Ghanaian Rapper Jay Bahd

ATO Heads To The Motherland In "Courts" Video With Ghanaian Rapper Jay Bahd

July 06, 2022

Leeds-based artist ATO returns to his Ghanaian roots in his latest release "Courts" alongside Kumasi rhymer Jay Bahd.

Lyrically, he uses the time to reflect on his life thus far, his laidback tone floating over the bubbling production courtesy of stevexcooper, Jonathon Ng and Kai Whiston. Once we've warmed up to ATO's verse, Jay Bahd steps in to also share his perspective on the lifestyle in Ghana.

As for the video, it's brimming with explosive energy as ATO is captured zooming across an endless motorway by day and enjoying the community-driven nightlife. Director Yawphanta does an excellent job of capturing the beauty of Ghana with overhead drone shots of the city to bring our attention to its expansive landscapes.

Speaking on the visuals, ATO shares: "The music video for COURTS was made during my first trip home to Accra, Ghana this summer, visiting my family. Straight away, I fell in love with the energy of the city and the people—the same energy director Yaw captured so well in the video. Despite a couple near misses on the Motorway shooting the jeep shots and sending my quad into the sea (RIP), we had a lot of fun making this one!"

Courts also comes with an announcement of ATO's upcoming project Side B slated for arrival on July 29 which is a seamless follow-up to last year's Side A.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Alex Waespi