East Londoner Alfa Mist Shares Lucid Jazz-Rap Song "Organic Rust"

East Londoner Alfa Mist Shares Lucid Jazz-Rap Song "Organic Rust"

March 03, 2021

Multi-faceted artist Alfa Mist continues to fly the flag for the British jazz scene, pushing its the sonics to new heights and stirring in a healthy dose of rap. Back in January, he announced plans for his new album, Bring Backs (due April 23), with lead single "Run Outs" and now he's back with the second extract, "Organic Rust".

Packing a crestfallen edge, "Organic Rust" borders on the existential at times, but delivers it in a matter-of-fact frankness that's become his trademark. References to rust are fitting when you consider the corrosive effects social media and the perception of success have had on happiness. Why does everything we hold close damage us? he asks over a sombre, jazz-infused beat and an irresistible groove. It's a reflective number and when combined with the vintage, camcorder visuals from Johny Pitts, it's hard not to find yourself joining Alfa on his journey.

Speaking on "Organic Rust", Alfa Mist says: "In the UK version of Blackjack, the 'Bring Backs' rule means you can't celebrate your win until the next round is over. 'Organic Rust' is a song about being at odds with the idea of success and how that can lead to apathy."

Words: Ian Opolot
Photography: Kay Ibrahim