Rapman Reveals The Thrilling Second Instalment Of "Shiro's Story"

Rapman Reveals The Thrilling Second Instalment Of "Shiro's Story"

July 02, 2018

Although it has only been three months, it feels a lot longer since Rapman released the first part of "Shiro's Story". The gripping story was the talk of the scene, so it was only right that he's returned with part two.

Taking place a year after the ending of the original, Shiro (played by Joivan Wade) returns to his old ways while trying to find his best friend Kyle (played by Percelle Ascot). Without giving anything away, Rapman manages to up the stakes in this instalment while setting up what will potentially be a thrilling finale in the next part.

With guest appearances from the likes of Konan, Michael Dapaah and Cadet, and captured once more by Aukes Media, this is storytelling at its very best. Watch the thrilling second part of Shiro's Story below.

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Updated on Sept. 17: "Shiro's Story Part 3" is out now and available here.

Words: Aaron Bishop