Zakhar Finds Peace In His Newfound Love On "My One"

Zakhar Finds Peace In His Newfound Love On "My One"

February 15, 2023

Zakhar is in high spirits as he reconnects with producer and mentor JAE5 for another sweet-toned release titled "My One".

It's an upbeat yet tender guitar moment that carries plush melodies as Zakhar celebrates the blooming of a new relationship. He delivers a pristine vocal performance while declaring his love for this special person and reveals more of his ability to portray emotions through his songwriting.

"'My One' is a love song about not needing any other female in your life because you finally found the one that's good for you," he says of the track, which follows on from last year's sweetener "Devil Enemy" with JAE5 on the buttons again.

The young star will also be supporting Rimzee on his upcoming Cold Feet UK tour, so get familiar with his sound below with the visualiser for "My One".