Youngs Teflon & Tiny Boost Put K-Trap On The Stand In "Predicate" Visuals

Youngs Teflon & Tiny Boost Put K-Trap On The Stand In "Predicate" Visuals

May 22, 2023

Youngs Teflon and Tiny Boost continue their run of all hits and no misses with their latest one "Predicate". Produced by X10, Hargo, and Roddy, the beat has a harrowing feel to it, perfectly made for Tef and Boost to reminisce about their past lives. "Predicate" also features K-Trap who opens the track with some vivid pictures of life before he was a rap star.

Between the three of them, Tef, Boost, and Trap dispel any suggestions of glorifying the streets as they detail the internal and external conflicts they faced. No line better sums up the track than Youngs Teflon's "I really wish I could rap like Akala / instead I'm round the straps and the drama".

The video is directed by Jay Money and sees the three South London artists play different roles in a courtroom setting. Another top-level video for a top-level track, matching the precedent that Tiny Boost and Youngs Teflon have set with the singles they've released in the last few months. With their joint project hopefully imminent, we'll have a lot more stellar road rap to listen to sooner rather than later.

Words: Dwayne Wilks