Yizzy Is Back To "Hustle Hard" With Tough-Talking New Single

Yizzy Is Back To "Hustle Hard" With Tough-Talking New Single

September 12, 2019

Lewisham MC Yizzy has just released his new tune "Hustle Hard", an honest and powerful mission statement that sees the spitter switch it up and explore realms outside of his usual style.

The new thumper is the follow-up to Yizzy's most accomplished and successful project to date, Welcome To Grime Street, which included songs such as the powerful and motivational "3 Minutes To Live", and the South Londoner is sounding more focused than ever.

Speaking about the track, Yizzy said: "'Hustle Hard' is all about being unapologetically active and driven to succeed. It's about always looking for the next step or opportunity to move forward. Don't talk about the moves you're making until they happen, don't flaunt your success, keep your head down and the graft going. The work you put in now will open doors for you to have a better future for yourself and those around you but priorities still come first. Forget expensive chains, watches and supercars, I'm tryna stack for my mother's yard."