YGG Respond To Yizzy's "Prince Of Grime" Freestyle With "Fathers"

YGG Respond To Yizzy's "Prince Of Grime" Freestyle With "Fathers"

March 11, 2020

After a two-year hiatus, grime collective YGG have returned to send a statement to Yizzy with their new track "Fathers".

PK, Saint P and Lyrical Strally hold nothing back in their response to Yizzy's "Prince Of Grime" freestyle. On this mellow but direct offering, the MCs proclaim themselves fathers of the scene, maintaining their raw and gritty edge over the slow and moody instrumental.

The Bipolar Spider visuals capture YGG spitting their bars in the darkness as they fire off warning shots. A cool and calculated response to the self-proclaimed "Prince Of Grime" — rather than an all out bombardment of angry bars — they're clearly skilled in the art of war.

While we wait to see if Yizzy responds to the trio, watch the video for "Fathers" below.