Yazmin Lacey's "Late Night People" Is A Glistening Ode To Nightlife

Yazmin Lacey's "Late Night People" Is A Glistening Ode To Nightlife

January 18, 2023

In the run-up to her much-anticipated debut album Voice Notes, Yazmin Lacey returns with her thick smoky vocals on "Late Night People".

It's a sweet offering to those who enjoy exploring through the night, hopping from one space to the next in search of thrills that could last til sunrise. Yearning for her own late-night adventure, Yazmin cruises around the multilayered production with her live melodies. Largely handled by Dave Okumu, the instrumental combines disco, neo-soul and jazz to create a mind-expanding experience.

In a comment released alongside the track, she says this offering is for "those needing a space to let go, pleasure seekers, dreamers, creators and magic makers…" She adds: "I've always been inspired by what goes on when the rest of the world is sleeping. Sometimes, people only associate nightlife with debauchery, which has its place, but it’s also much more".

Following on from the spirit-soothing "Bad Company" and "Pieces", "Late Night People" is the third stepping stone that will eventually lead to her upcoming album, slated for March 3.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Nina Manandhar