WSTRN Gifts The World 'WSTRN Season, Vol. 2'

WSTRN Gifts The World 'WSTRN Season, Vol. 2'

August 30, 2019

A lot has changed since WSTRN released WSTRN Season, Vol. 1 back in 2016, but now the follow-up, WSTRN Season, Vol. 2, has finally arrived, dropping at midnight last night.

With just three features — Unknown T, Miraa May, S.O.B and R.B.E — this is most definitely the WSTRN show and it's good to see Louise Rei and Haile spread their wings and show us what they can do with a longer format.

The mammoth 16-track collection builds on and cements the West London R&B-rap collective's reputation for smooth and catchy club bubblers, peppering in some unexpected moments and well chosen team-ups.

Take a listen below.

Words: James Keith