Wretch 32 Shares Sickening Video Of His 62-Year-Old Father Being Tasered By Police

Wretch 32 Shares Sickening Video Of His 62-Year-Old Father Being Tasered By Police

June 10, 2020

Warning: the video embedded at the bottom of this post contains upsetting footage of police brutality.

Last night (June 9) you may have seen the news on social media that Wretch 32's 62-year-old father was recently the victim of police brutality.

The footage, which was taken from a police body cam, begins with police pushing their way into the family home as someone says, "Excuse me, I'm not resisting. Please don't touch me. Social distancing," before calling for Millard Scott (Wretch's father).

The police then run through the house as one officer shouts, "Police officer with a taser. Move!" After shouting "Stay where you are" several times, Scott's body is seen falling down the stairs onto the landing, while the officer continues to shout "Stay where you are," despite Scott lying motionless on the floor.

Wretch posted the video to his own Instagram and Twitter, explaining the deeply upsetting situation to fans. Later in the evening, he appeared in a segment on ITV News at 10 with his father to discuss the matter and make a plea for urgent police reform.

Scott said he is "lucky to be alive", and in reference to the claim that police were investigating a breach of social distancing rules, "The only people that have invaded our space are the Metropolitan Police. The only people who seem to ignore the guidelines put out there — Metropolitan Police."

In the same interview, Wretch added that he had watched several generations of his family "fight against police brutality my whole life". He also said that he was dismayed to have to have the same conversation about the police with his own children that his father had with him when he was a child. As he put it, "that means there's no progression."

In response to the ITV broadcast, Sadiq Khan took to Twitter to say he that he has asked the Metropolitan Police for an explanation and urged for an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Words: James Keith