WONDER And Kasien Combine On Hazy Rap Joint "We Out"

WONDER And Kasien Combine On Hazy Rap Joint "We Out"

February 18, 2021

The East and South sides of the London compass unite as Hackney's WONDER hits up Kasien for the energetic "We Out".

WONDER opens up, taking control of the psychedelic trippy sound and melody-soaked lyrics on top of equally hazy synths to create an almost hallucinogenic quality. Joining in the fun is Kasien, who jumps in to help create a sonic fusion of intricate wordplay and distorted reverb that keep the energy levels sky high from start to finish.

On the buttons we find Kelvin Krash, who's created a lo-fi beat driven by mid-tempo drum patterns that push the very boundaries of existence and hint at a world separate from our own.

Hit play on the ARDMAX-directed visuals below to join the pair on their wild ride through the countryside.

Words: Ian Opolot