Wiley's 'Godfather 3' Has Arrived Early

Wiley's 'Godfather 3' Has Arrived Early

June 08, 2020

This weekend, Wiley did what he does best by surprising us all with his new album Godfather 3 several weeks before its slated release date at the end of the month. Not only that, but a recent profile in The Guardian suggested the album could also be his last, and earlier today he tweeted "Go out in style".

Although he is of course liable to change his mind — after all his tendency to do what he wants when he wants is one of the reasons we love him — but after the long-discussed dancehall project Full Circle (itself carrying a title which suggested finality) was shelved, maybe he really is hanging up the mic this time. Besides, after dominating the 2019 charts with the Sean Paul, Stefflon Don and Idris Elba on "Boasty", why not end on a high?

"I'm 41," he told The Guardian. "I don't want to try and fit in with kids. I just need to not let my genre die on the way out." He later went on to add, "If I'm the last one left doing it, and it's so dead and it's so washed, then that tells you the f*cking truth about the genre. I am grime!"

The mammoth 22-track album is his 13th to date and features D Double E, Capo Lee, Big Zuu, Manga Saint Hilare, Flirta D, Footsie, Goldie 1, J2K, Jammz, GHSTLY XXVII, Jammer, K9, Scratchy, Breeze, Direman, Asia, Blessed, Crafty 893, Ten Dixon, Jon E Clayface, Faultsz, Big Swingz, Ears, Flowdan, Tempa T, Delusion, Blay Vision and Realz.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Mike Massaro