Wiley Declares War With Incendiary New Track "Flip The Table"

Wiley Declares War With Incendiary New Track "Flip The Table"

November 19, 2018

Having reignited his beef with Dizzee earlier this year, as well as dragging Skepta and Jme into the fray, Wiley is now in full war mode, having just fired out a war dub at Dizzee and Skepta.

Shared today via Sendspace, the new track takes aim at Dizzee, Skepta and a couple of others, and doesn't let up once during its 3:34 run time. Backed by what sounds like a remix of the "Eskiboy" instrumental, Wiley Kat goes in on Dizzee (as well as one or two other grime scene favourites), calling him "the boy in the corner, the grime scene quitter" and accusing his former allies of "tip-toeing" around him and setting him up.

If you were one of the naysayers calling time on grime's resurgence, you might want to stick around for this because it's going to get messy! Dizzee may or may not respond, but he isn't the only one we should be watching for a clap-back.

Let the grimey melee begin.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Dean Chalkley