Wesley Joseph And Joy Orbison Take Us Into A Dreamlike State With "Ghostin'"

Wesley Joseph And Joy Orbison Take Us Into A Dreamlike State With "Ghostin'"

July 09, 2020

Up-and-coming producer Wesley Joseph has created quite the buzz for himself over the past few months and on his latest single, "Ghostin'", he shows us exactly why he's one of the most hyped talents in the country today.

To describe the Walsall-raised singer, rapper, filmmaker, songwriter and producer as multi-talented would be an understatement. On "Ghostin'", he puts his skills to great use by laying down his vocals on top of a blissed-out instrumental he co-produced with Joy Orbison. Although predominately known for his innovative production in club music, after teaming up with Homerton rapper K.O for "This One" (we're still waiting for that to drop, by the way) Joy O has long since proved his rap credentials.

When talking about the track, Wesley said: "'Ghostin'' is a real melting pot of flavours, and working with Joy O on the production created a natural exchange of palettes; blending soul, dance and experimental grooves with a melancholic, nostalgic undertone. The base of the song was produced the first time we met, and the hypnotic dance-like pulse with jazz chords set an off-tone vibe for the lyrics — which kind of wrote themselves on the bus home from the session."

The animated visuals almost take your breath away with a simple but effective vividness that makes you feel as if you're walking on air. "I wanted to narrate a fictional story that worked alongside what I was seeing out of the window that night," Wesley added. "We got in touch with an animator in LA called Najeeb Tarazi, who has made some great films and was part of the team at Pixar. I talked him through the idea, and he took off instantly and created a beautiful world that subtly blends eeriness and warmth for the song to exist in."