VX Mob Channel London's Sullen Energy In "Pinch" Video

VX Mob Channel London's Sullen Energy In "Pinch" Video

April 25, 2022

VX Mob are fronting a fresh style of rap through their lo-fi and alternative hip-hop influences paired with the visceral sounds of UK rap. Three months after they took us to the foggy mountains of Snowdonia in the "Choppa" video, the trio return to London for another moment of introspection and vibes on "Pinch".

Producer M.G crafts a warped soundscape of skippy hi-hats and atmospheric effects, sending listeners into a light-headed daze while the rappers eat up the beat with their melodic flows.

For the visuals, they've called on director Todd Duncan who submerges the trio's mellow performance beneath spiralling effects and a black-and-white filter to bring the city lights to life. Take the new visuals for a spin below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Todd Duncan