Vue And Showcase Cinemas Reinstate 'Blue Story' Screenings After Widespread Backlash

Vue And Showcase Cinemas Reinstate 'Blue Story' Screenings After Widespread Backlash

November 28, 2019

Vue and Showcase cinemas have reinstated screenings of Rapman's Blue Story after receiving heavy criticism for removing the film after an incident involving 100 young people in the foyer of a Vue-owned Star City cinema in Birmingham.

After many people began to speculate whether the termination of screenings in all 100 Vue cinemas across the country had to do with discrimination and racism on the companies' part, the founder and chief executive of Vue cinemas, Tim Richards, insisted that race was never part of the problem.

He added, "I have spent 20 years of my life supporting and promoting diversity and British and independent film. To call me personally or corporately racist is very, very disturbing and with no merit at all. Racism does not enter into the equation at all. Never has. It's the opposite."

However, Rapman told BBC Breakfast that he feels their was "no connection" between the incident in Birmingham and his film and suggested there may be "hidden reasons" for the film being banned.

When VICE reached out to Manchester City Police, West Midlands Police and London's Met Police it was revealed that "they were unaware of any other incidents apart from the Star City brawl. All three police forces said that they didn't expect an increased police presence at any cinema location in London, Manchester or Birmingham."

This has made many people begin to question the authenticity of the cinemas' excuse for removing the movie in the first place .

Regardless of what has happened let's not get blinded by the fact this is meant to be a momentous moments for Rapman and the UK scene. The film has already grossed more than £1.3million during its opening week at the box office and is expected to make a lot more.