V9 Has "Plenty" On His Mind In New Video

V9 Has "Plenty" On His Mind In New Video

July 29, 2022

Back from some time away in Portual, V9 arrives with "Plenty", his first solo drop since last year's Murk With A Mouth tape.

A return to the dark and gloomy minimalism of earlier drill, "Plenty" sees him apply his cruddy pen skills to an eerie piano riff and a shuddering bass line from co-producers Pipe It Up and KE4T. As ever, the lyrics are pretty dark and brutal, but even then he manages to find time for a few moments of reflection in between the grit.

Hit play on Blueboredom's visuals to see V9, masked up as always, deliver a riled-up performance in the studio.

Words: Blessing Borode
Image via Instagram