V9 Summons The Chaotic Spirit Of 'The Mask' For "Change"

V9 Summons The Chaotic Spirit Of 'The Mask' For "Change"

October 11, 2021

For people of a certain age, Jim Carrey's turn as the titular antihero of '90s film The Mask was the original masked harbinger of chaos, so it's somewhat fitting that V9 should look to the character for inspiration for his new video "Change".

Tefoma, who co-produced the beats on "Evil" and "Do It", returns to supply the instrumental, offering up an unexpectedly calm blend of strings and flutes that V9 counters with typical hard-nosed venom.

As for the video, that comes courtesy of Kevin Hudson, who helps V9 lean right into The Mask influence. Decked out in the all-important banana yellow suit, V9 entertains a room of enraptured mobsters before making his escape with his swag bag.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Jason Brandford