London R&B Singer Tora-i Continues To Impress With "Serial"

London R&B Singer Tora-i Continues To Impress With "Serial"

June 09, 2021

There's no one doing alternative R&B the way London singer Tora-i does it. Charging into the scene last year with her debut EP, Cavalier, she continues to raise the bar for herself and has returned with another instalment of her unique vocal style with "Serial".

With LA producer Josh Grant on the buttons, the singer touches on self-discovery, applying her varied vocal harmonies to the minimalist soundscape of woozy electronic textures. Shot by director and long time collaborator Aliyah Otchere, the accompanying video shows the singer driving through the countryside where she seems to be at one with nature.

Tora-i consistently showcases the layers to her sonic identity and lyrical ability, lulling listeners into a state of blissful soul searching. Returning after a run of strong releases in 2020, "Serial" is her first offering of the year so tap in below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Alfie White