TiZ East And Carter Carti Rep For Newham In "40RTY" Visuals

TiZ East And Carter Carti Rep For Newham In "40RTY" Visuals

September 16, 2020

Following on from his Heat Map EP, Newham's very own TiZ East is back with another banger alongside Carter Carti, a rapper who's been making serious waves in the drill scene. It's been an active year for TiZ East, and the visuals for "40RTY" is no exception.

"40RTY" is both riveting and raunchy, with TiZ landing a bouncy hook whilst effortlessly riding a bass-ridden beat, supported by Carti's cheeky, metaphor-rich wordplay. The production is intoxicating, filled with infectious riffs and the well-laid mesh of instruments we've come to expect from drill. Visuals by Romael energetically combine well with the track, incorporating lively transitions and quick-fire frames with colour palettes to complement their outfits.

TiZ East's work-rate has been impressive in 2020 and Carter Carti's come-up continues on its upward trajectory. Thanks to artists like these two, Newham retains its status as a major hub for talent.

Words: Ian Opolot