Newcomer Thilo Shares His Dreamy Take On R&B With 'INTRO:W' EP

Newcomer Thilo Shares His Dreamy Take On R&B With 'INTRO:W' EP

May 27, 2021

At the cross section of alternative pop and R&B is where you'll find Thilo, the 22-year old artist who is building a world of mellow, West Coast-inspired soundscapes. Although he's fairly new to the scene, he's marking himself out as a unique addition to the R&B world.

His new EP, INTRO:W, is an embodiment of all of his influences channelled through one space; whether it's the local Gospel choir from his hometown or pop R&B greats like Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, Amy Winehouse and so on. Through the relatability of the topics and his sonic range, Thilo makes sure there's a song for everyone to enjoy. Touching on the subjects of introspection, personal development and present day relationships, the new project makes sure to pull at our heartstrings in more ways than one.

In an Instagram post about the EP, Thilo wrote: "To bring light to the title: INTRO:W is a symbiosis of INTROspective and grOW! To me the EP is very self-analysing and reflective which definitely encouraged inner growth. It's when we struggle, it's when we give our thoughts and weirdest emotions room for expression, that we grow. And this EP absolutely made me grow as an artist and person. At the same time it also represents a new era and serves as a new kind of INTROduction to my artistry."

INTRO:W is a raw offering that is drenched in emotions and familiar anecdotes packaged with catchy hooks and melodies, tune in below:

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Capadol