tendai Takes A Snapshot Of A "Time In Our Lives" In Delicate New Visuals

tendai Takes A Snapshot Of A "Time In Our Lives" In Delicate New Visuals

November 02, 2022

East Londoner tendai says his goodbyes in this sombre gift "A Time In Our Lives".

Unlike its electro-R&B predecessor "Pressure", here he settles into a reflective headspace, reminiscing on a particular time in his life that's come to an end. Co-produced by AOD and tendai, we're showered with warped guitars looping the same ethereal melody throughout, mimetic of his intentions to preserve a particular memory.

Ethan&Tom pull from tendai's book of concepts for the visuals, which takes place within a roll of film. It's a beautiful indication of his evolving aesthetic, blurring the lines between dreamscapes and reality as seen in the video to "Lately".

"'Time In Our Lives', as a record, is about capturing," tendai explains. "I think back to when it came out of me and what was happening in my life—from breaking up with my partner to wanting to leave my management at the time—I was faced with a lot of endings. When the band got together to make the record I'm not sure if they knew where my head was at, but because we're all such sensitive feelers I guess it came out in the music.

"I think it all boils down to something Ethan said about the video, he said 'this is what it means to capture'. From capturing Leslie & Alastair's conversation through their guitars, to me capturing what that time period felt like, to then all come together and have Ethan&Tom capture our raw performance of it. 'Time In Our Lives', to me, is what it can feel like to capture honesty."

With word of an album on the way, we have our boarding passes at the ready, waiting to experience more of his free-form expression.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Eddie Otchere