Tendai Floats Between Reality And Daydreams On "Lately"

Tendai Floats Between Reality And Daydreams On "Lately"

March 02, 2022

After initially seizing our attention with the alt-punk-leaning "Infinite Straight" and the more abstract "Not Around", East London's tendai continues with another experimental cut titled "Lately", released once again via 0207 Def Jam

Co-produced by tendai and Jonah Christian, the production creates the illusion of a dream-like world as it swarms with airy effects and vocal echoes. tendai taps into a patchwork of different sounds, like the house and garage of his youth, in order to create the nostalgic feeling of "Lately" almost as an ode to the city that raised him.

He reconnects with director duo Ethan and Tom for the visuals where he sinks into blissful escapism in an abandoned home, brought to life through vividly coloured memories on a projector.

Speaking on the track's roots, tendai shares: "I wanted "Lately" to feel like a soundtrack to London, walking on the underground, walking through the city. I grew up on house rather than garage but if you're from London, garage is just there in the fabric of the city".

Tune in below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Jay Izzard