Death Is In Close Pursuit In Tendai's "Infinite Straight" Video

Death Is In Close Pursuit In Tendai's "Infinite Straight" Video

October 27, 2021

It's been just a few short months since 21-year-old producer, songwriter and artist, Tendai debuted on 0207 Def Jam with his gripping single "Not Around"—an intimate lament of a crumbling relationship over a self-produced, experimental backdrop. Today he quickly follows this up with new track "Infinite Straight" where he meditates on his own mortality.

Co-produced by Felix Joseph and Tendai himself, the instrumental swarms with alt-punk inflections, from the twangy guitar motif to Tendai's ghostly vocal tones, but subtle flits of R&B can still be detected. The poetic opening by artist Dora Jar sets the tone as the tittering percussion and warped echoes build up to Tendai's arrival.

The Ethan & Tom-directed visuals captures the ascending musician completely isolated in the wilderness; a visual representation of his lonesome realisations of mortality.

Speaking on the track, Tendai shares: "It's about life and death in the sense that one might feel that you're on this infinite road, but it can feel as if you're being chased. Deaths going on all around you.

"I wasn't even conscious of that until I heard the song played back to me—when there's so much happening in the world centering around death, be it George I Floyd, the pandemic, or even celebrities, it's hard to ignore".

"Not Around" and "Infinite Straight" are brief snapshots of the multidimensional layers of tendai's musical universe. Get into this below.