Tara Lily's Mesmerising 'Last Flight Out' EP Is A Pan-Global, Multi-Genre Epic

Tara Lily's Mesmerising 'Last Flight Out' EP Is A Pan-Global, Multi-Genre Epic

October 03, 2022

A year after Lost In London, Peckham-based musician, Tara Lily returns with another exploration of environment, immigration and travel through her genre-warping lens on her latest project Last Flight Out.

The impressive and ambitious new collection sees her skillfully weave sounds like alternative R&B, Indian classical and drum & bass over a thick blanket of jazz—a salute to her classical training in the latter genre. The previously released "Hotel Amour" and "You Can Go" open the project, reintroducing us to her ear-warming vocals. However, those vocals shine the brightest on "Naima—Interlude" where she transforms John Coltrane's hypnotising saxophone opus into an intimate love letter. When we arrive at the title track, we're serenaded by rich tabla flourishes resting on top of Latin-infused rhythms, an effortless example of the merging of her roots.

Explaining the concept of the EP, Tara says: "I guess for me this project was about pushing the boundaries of jazz. So, you have a DnB track with trumpet, an Afro-Asian dance fusion, and some Indo-Jazz. They're all about exploring the limits of the genre and stretching it into different spaces. Fundamentally, jazz is at the root of everything that I do—I've explored working with other sounds and genres as I've gone along. Whether it's being influenced by life, relationships, people, or culture—I'm always exploring pushing jazz in the realms of modern music and making it relative to who I am and how I live my life today."

It's a collection of five tracks that seems to end too soon but gives us a detailed tour of the luscious mind of Tara Lily. Dig in below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Zaineb Abelque