Tara Lily Laments Past Relationships On Jazz-R&B Hybrid "4 Years"

Tara Lily Laments Past Relationships On Jazz-R&B Hybrid "4 Years"

October 06, 2021

South London's Tara Lily is well known for her entrancing fusion of traditional jazz tropes with elements of genres like grime and R&B, binding them together by her smokey vocal inflections. Today, she shares with us her new single "4 Years", which sees her mourn the end of a relationship over what she dubs a 'dark R&B jazz' soundscape.

The production, which comes from Hannah V, encompasses salsa-inspired rhythms guided by a sombre grand piano and the occasional beat drop that kicks in during the chorus. Tara extends her vocal range with ease as she reveals a piece of herself in her lyrics. In the final moments of the track an outpour of dreamy melodies can be heard through the saxophone solo as Tara scats along, another nod to her technical abilities and love of jazz.

Both "4 Years" and the Jammer-produced "Who Saw Who" are plucked from her incoming Lost In London EP, which arrives October 8. While we wait, hit play on the Ben Brainbridge-directed visuals to see Tara take the bus through a grainy London city while trapped in deep thought.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Rhys Frampton