Tamera Embraces Her Feminine Energy On Seductive New Single "Wickedest"

Tamera Embraces Her Feminine Energy On Seductive New Single "Wickedest"

May 26, 2021

Kent-raised singer-songwriter Tamera is here with a flirtatious vibe on her new single "Wickedest". Over a bed of silky guitar strums and Afrobeats percussions, all pieced together by producer P2J, her sultry vocal tones invite us into a world where sexual liberation is celebrated. After a successful 2020 with the breakout Afro-pop single "Flipside", this marks Tamera's first release of the year and we're told there's plenty more vibes for us to soak up in the future.

Breaking down her thoughts on the track, Tamera shares: "'Wickedest' is about embracing my sexual energy as a female. Finding strength in being able to love and be intimate with who you please and feeling liberated in doing so. It's a flirtatious conversation with someone I like and lust. Almost teasing them because I know when it goes down I will not disappoint but also making it clear that I demand the same time and work in return."

Coming from a multi-ethnic background, Tamera was exposed to a rich culmination of sounds that influenced her creativity in many ways. Lyrically, she pulls from her lived experiences and the stories of those around her to create a potent audio experience. Step into Tamera's "Wickedest" world below.

Updated on June 14: the official video has now landed.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Nwaka Okparaeke