Tamera Has Love And Seduction On Her Mind On "Insensitive"

Tamera Has Love And Seduction On Her Mind On "Insensitive"

November 30, 2022

R&B maestra Tamera shines on her latest offering titled "Insensitive", following the Haile-supported remix of "Wickedest" from her breathtaking recent EP Afrodite.

Kwame 'KZ' Kwei-Armah brings together a sultry selection of textures ready for Tamera's agile vocals. Bursting with colourful harmonies and Afro-style rhythms, Tamera details her romantic escapades in her lyrics and an airy tone to evoke a sense of intimacy.

Speaking on the track, she says, "'Insensitive' was written about a relationship that I value greatly. Although I've dealt with trust issues in the past and found it hard to fully open up to a partner, the person I'm referring to in the song has really done the work to make me comfortable enough to fully open up and flourish in the relationship & for someone who has always found this difficult it has become the greatest pleasure to return that same love in tenfold. That is the inspiration behind 'Insensitive'".

Tap into the mysterious visuals below.