Swindle Brings In Maverick Sabre And Joel Culpepper For Potent "No Black, No Irish"

Swindle Brings In Maverick Sabre And Joel Culpepper For Potent "No Black, No Irish"

October 04, 2021

"No Black, No Irish" is another track pulled from Swindle's upcoming album The New World. Assisted by Maverick Sabre and Joel Culpepper, the track unfolds like a conversation between two friends around race and identity.

The production occasionally dances on the borders of a salsa rhythm, led by an acoustic guitar and the rich, jazz-tinged vocals of Maverick Sabre and Joel Culpepper. The title references the immigrant experience of people from the '50s, '60s and '70s and the similarities between those from different communities and the way they were treated with signs like the infamous "No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs".

Speaking on the track's origins, Swindle explains: "We went to studio to retreat in the height of one of the most uncomfortable times I've ever known. Before that week the only time I had left my home since lockdown was to protest with Joel. During that time race and the current social unrest was still at the forefront of our minds, watching a conversation between Mav and Joel become this song was a defining moment for this record and speaks directly to the intent of the session, healing."

"No Black, No Irish"—like previous tracks "Lost" featuring Loyle Carner, Kojey Radical and Jnr Williams, and "Darkest Hour" with Poppy Ajudha and Daley—hints at an album of powerful lyricism paired with explorative grime, R&B and jazz soundscapes. The release of The New World is right around the corner (October 29) but first, tap in to "No Black, No Irish" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Michal Augustini