​Fraternal Rap Duo Summers Sons Share New Single "Epileptric" From Upcoming Album

​Fraternal Rap Duo Summers Sons Share New Single "Epileptric" From Upcoming Album

March 27, 2024

Fraternal rap duo Summers Sons have been fortifying their own corner of the hip-hop sphere with jazzy, soulful take on the sound since 2017. With their next full-length, Still Nothing Still, fast approaching, they've dropped the album's fourth single, "Epileptric".

On Epileptric, the hazy, laidback tone of Slim's production pairs well with Turt's introspective lyrics as the latter unpacks his recent epilepsy diagnosis and how his life has changed since.

Turt: "September 1st 2021, I woke up in hospital in a lot of pain. It was the second time in three months and both times I'd suffered five seizures. After a lot of tests and an MRI, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. The doctor showed me my test results and told me I had abnormal brain waves and excessive electrical activity in my brain. Too much electric in my brain? That made sense to me.

"I knew it was important to talk about Epilepsy on this album, to understand my own experiences but also to help other people do the same. Epilepsy has taken its toll on me mentally and physically but the diagnosis gave me a framework to better understand my brain, and forced me to be more mindful in how I balance and direct my energy. Every experience, good or bad, brings new perspectives. This one hit me hard, but it also sparked so many of the ideas that formed this album. I guess everything happens for a reason!"

"Epileptric" follows recent singles "The Buzz", "Growing Pains" and "What It Is", all of which will appear on Still Nothing Still when it arrives on April 12.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Seb Luke-Virgo