Stormzy Pays Homage To Wiley With Merky New Track "Wiley Flow"

Stormzy Pays Homage To Wiley With Merky New Track "Wiley Flow"

September 16, 2019

After defending Ed Sheeran from being labelled a "culture vulture" by grime legend Wiley (for his "Take Me Back To London" remix, in which he featured alongside Jaykae and Aitch with production from Sir Spyro), Stormzy has paid homage to Wiley with his brand new single "Wiley Flow". The track even includes a snippet of the grime pioneer talking as the intro for the track: "Bruv, I didn't look at it this way before, but as I approach my birthday, all you man are my youngers."

Stormzy then continues to nod to Wiley's flow from "Bad 'Em Up" and also one of the most notorious grime diss tracks to date: "Nightbus Duplate", which was Wiley's response to The Movement after individual members had dissed him. On the track, 26-year-old Stormzy can be heard boasting about his achievements and milestones by spitting lines such as If you ain't got more than five top 10s, then I don't wanna hear no chat about chartin.

Throughout the song, Big Mikey can also be heard making references to Wiley's career, with the cover art for the single also resembling the cover of Wiley's classic mixtape Tunnel Vision Vol 1. More of this Stormzy, please!

Watch the video for "Wiley Flow" below.