Stardom And Rimzee Reunite On Tough-Talking Team-Up "Blew"

Stardom And Rimzee Reunite On Tough-Talking Team-Up "Blew"

February 08, 2021

Repeating the magic they found on last year's "GOAT" with Snap Capone, Stardom and Rimzee have joined forces once again for energetic new drop "Blew". Following the release of Rimzee's Upper Clapton Dream 2 in November last year and a flawless run of singles from Stardom, both rappers are keeping up with the demand from fans and showing no let-up in consistency.

Stardom opens up with potent one-liners rich in braggadocios metaphors, going par for par with Rimzee who lights up the track with his effortless flow. Dancing in between an eclectic 1st Born-produced instrumental dripping in 808s, the pair waste no time in taking "Blew" apart.

The visuals from director Ade OG are fit for purpose, with engaging graphics and impressive transitions that gives "Blew" the blockbuster energy it deserves. Take a look below.

Words: Ian Opolot