Soul Polymath Sola Connects With Moses Boyd For Ethereal "Abide In U"

Soul Polymath Sola Connects With Moses Boyd For Ethereal "Abide In U"

February 20, 2023

South London producer, instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Sola graces us with her emotive new single "Abide In U", which is the first we've heard from her in a while since last year's cosmic soul offering "Nanae" featuring Labdi.

"Abide In U" is a representation of Sola's extensive soundscape as she braids together ambient textures with R&B and jazz to create a style she defines as 'warped soul'. Composer Moses Boyd lays a refined drum pattern atop the sea of electronic instrumentation while Sola ruminates on vulnerability and leaning into self-acceptance in order to build nurturing connections with others. Over sweeping production, she surrenders her pride and finds peace in confiding with those that matter to her most.

In a statement released alongside the track, she says, "'Abide In U' is about finding a safe space or person who encourages you to be vulnerable. We all often wear masks and pretend to be more put together and perfect than we actually are, despite knowing it's not healthy to always keep up appearances. The song is about admitting we can't do everything alone, and that needing help is ok sometimes. It's about finding the power within weakness, and how showing your vulnerability can be a sign of strength when we open up."

The songstress has released two enchanting projects so far—2018's Wealth Has Come and Mami Wata released in 2020—perhaps this new track is a sign of something new on the horizon. For now, tune in to "Abide In You" below, which is out now via Jamz Supernova's label Future Bounce.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Constanze Han