Snowy And Sumgii Connect On Mercurial New Joint "Impulse"

Snowy And Sumgii Connect On Mercurial New Joint "Impulse"

July 05, 2021

Nottingham motormouth Snowy's back with a new single, "Impulse", and it sees him reconnect with friend, ally and Potent Funk label owner, Sumgii.

A step away from some of Snowy's rowdier drops, "Impulse" is a little more pensive, thanks in large part to Sumgii's spacious, warped production. Neither rap nor grime, but somehow both at once, this one sees Snowy slow his roll a bit as he deconstructs himself and the music game with surgical precision.

The visuals for this one come from The Daisy Chain and they play to the track's measured pace perfectly. Chopping up abstract clips and psychedelic effects to disorienting effect, the combined whole is a head-expanding trip like no other.

Tune in below.

Words: James Keith
Image via Potent Funk