Sneaker Expert And Journalist Gary Warnett Has Passed Away

Sneaker Expert And Journalist Gary Warnett Has Passed Away

September 28, 2017

Reports have come in that one of the most respected journalists in the industry, Gary Warnett has passed away.

Whether it was as Editor of Crooked Tongues, as a journalist, copywriter or brand consultant, few on this planet could say they weren't inspired by Gary's unrivalled knowledge and passion for sneakers and sportswear. A quick search of his Twitter handle will reveal a never-ending stream of anecdotes about Gary's ability to meet any question about any shoe ever (no exaggeration) with a huge list of facts.

Gary's work cataloguing and critiquing kicks and clothes was so internationally respected he often worked closely with big names like Reebok and Nike. Nike, in particular, was a brand particularly close to Gary's heart, often writing about the Air Max and its history.

Remarkable enough, but Gary often went out of his way to share this knowledge with as many people as he could. There was no snobbery with Gary and his refusal to talk down to those who knew less than him (read: everyone) was testament to his character.

Not much is known about the circumstances surrounding Gary's passing, but what IS known is that sneaker culture lost one of its realest and most accomplished gatekeepers. We urge you to dig through his writing, his lectures, and his social media accounts.

Our thoughts are with Gary's friends and family at this time.

Words: James Keith