Unfair Censorship: Rap Duo Skengdo x AM Charged With Breaching "Interim Gang Injunction"

Unfair Censorship: Rap Duo Skengdo x AM Charged With Breaching "Interim Gang Injunction"

January 18, 2019

Rappers Skengdo and AM have reportedly been charged with breaching an interim gang injunction and given a nine month suspended jail sentence.

The Metropolitan Police have claimed that the two rappers breached an injunction when "they performed drill music that incited and encouraged violence against rival gang members and then posted it on social media."

The sentencing took place earlier this month and reportedly came after live tour footage was published online, though many are questioning how the Met Police interpreted this footage as "encouraging violence against rival gang members".

Since the Met Police reported the sentencing here, independent record label and management agency Finesse Foreva have disputed almost all of the claims made by the Met, which you can read below.

Updated on February 4: A UK civil rights group has written an open letter to The Metropolitan Police, urging them to stop using these injunctions to try to deal with gang violence in London.

The letter which was signed by 65 people from various human rights organisations as well as academics, lawyers, and musicians, said they "condemn this suppression: silencing one of the few avenues, through threat of criminalisation, by which young people can discuss the reality of their lives with any hope of being heard. The heavy-handed policing of music, and the structurally racist outcomes that follow from it, are not new. There is also a wealth of evidence to prove that limiting civil liberties in an attempt to appear tough on crime does not work. We call on the Metropolitan police to stop seeking these repressive and counterproductive injunctions. All artists should be afforded the same rights to freedom of speech and creative expression."

Read the full letter here.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Hyperfrank