Sinéad Harnett Gets Candid About An Ex On "Thinking Less"

Sinéad Harnett Gets Candid About An Ex On "Thinking Less"

February 19, 2024

Sinéad Harnett has been a jewel in the UK R&B crown for years now. Her new release "Thinking Less" is a reminder for anyone that had forgotten why she is regarded so highly, namely a candid and direct lyrical flair that strikes right at your core.

"Thinking Less" is for those who like to sit in their feelings, a deep R&B jam with subtle drums and distant background vocals. Detailing a relationship that once had promise, but ultimately fell apart, it all leaves her "thinking less" of her past flame.

This is the second single taken from Sinéad's upcoming album, Boundaries, following last month's "Say Something", which she dropped via her own Thai-rish record label.

Taking to Instagram, she describes "Thinking Less" as "a reflection on every stupid decision I've made in the past, putting some dumb wasteman before myself. This song was a declaration—to never accept nonsense again; to never put another person's idea of who I need to be for them above my own idea of who I need to be for myself. If I had to name this boundary a phrase it would be 'boy byeeeeee'."

While we wait for more info about the new album, take a listen to "Thinking Less" below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Image via Instagram