Shakka Takes Us On A 'Road Trip To Venus' On Debut Album

Shakka Takes Us On A 'Road Trip To Venus' On Debut Album

September 24, 2021

With years of experience in the industry, taking up space in the pop-R&B sphere, some could say a debut album from Shakka is long overdue. That day has now arrived as he delivers what could be described as his best work yet, Road Trip To Venus.

Built on a creative process stretched across 10 years, there's an undeniable quality and attention to detail throughout the album. Manoeuvring between sultry tracks like "Solo" featuring GoldLink and "Scuba Deep / A Pipe Dream" assisted by Tiana Major 9, as well as moments of upbeat Afro-pop-leaning tracks like "Doin Time" with Imani, "Temptation" and "Price". Over 19 tracks, Shakka showcases an expansive palette as an artist from his playful, hit-making songwriting instincts to his powerful vocal range.

Road Trip To Venus touches on themes like manhood, masculinity and love, all laid out over a mostly energetic soundscape, which is the perfect project to close the sun-soaked summer days. Spin the project below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Lincoln Gore