Irish Drillers Sello And Offica Explore Black Irishness On Booming "Oggy"

Irish Drillers Sello And Offica Explore Black Irishness On Booming "Oggy"

September 13, 2021

Over the past few years, Ireland's drill scene has been steadily gaining more and more recognition for its unique take on the drill blueprint. Two rappers at the centre of it all, pushing this sound into new spaces, are Sello and Offica and they've joined forces to create new track "Oggy".

Produced by ProdByMax, both rappers individually attack the beat with their bouncy flows and charged-up deliveries, blending their African heritage with the widely popular drill elements, while exploring what it means to be Black and Irish.

Speaking on the track, Sello explains: "The theme of the song is Black Irishness and I came to studio one day with that message in mind as it was a big topic in Ireland at the time about how native Irish are not aware of the layers to Black Irishness. So it was important for me and my manager Gino, to put an emphasis on Black Irishness and came up with the hook within an hour.

"Putting Offica on the song was strategic because he's also very connected to his roots and wanted to represent the people connected to their heritage and culture. He added his Nigerian Yoruba lyrics within his drill wordplay, allowing him to proudly showcase his Nigerian side while I continue to stand up for all my black Irish peers."

The visuals, directed by Sequence, take us on a brief tour around their city; from the football stadium to local pubs and well-known monuments in Dublin, giving us a glance at the places that influence their artistry. There's plenty more to hear from both artists in their respective lanes, but for now spin "Oggy" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Image via Instagram