Santino Le Saint Declares 'No More Icons' On New EP

Santino Le Saint Declares 'No More Icons' On New EP

November 16, 2022

Following his captivating performance on Beautiful Disaster, Brixton musician Santino Le Saint continues to blur the lines between beauty and toxicity on his latest project No More Icons.

Through painstaking guitar solos and diaristic songwriting, he builds on his dystopian R&B soundscape with assistance from Manuka, Oren Yoel, Benjamin Totten, Elevated, Dalas and Billy Williams.

He starts off by releasing his attachments to the past in "Goodbye Paris" which we caught wind of back in September, followed by "Damaged Goods". For the entire 20-minute duration, we are immersed in his conceptual world, before he leaves us "Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell".

As expected, Santino doesn't hold back on his vocal performance and there's an urgency in the way he expresses and carries every emotion through the music. Dive in below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Samuel Wolter