Sans Soucis Strikes A Blow At Social Anxiety With Triumphant "I'm On"

Sans Soucis Strikes A Blow At Social Anxiety With Triumphant "I'm On"

April 21, 2021

There's always been something intimate and personal about Sans Soucis' music, which she's been putting out for the last two years, but her latest single, "I'm On", concerns itself with Soucis' struggles with anxiety and depression.

Fortunately, the process of emerging from that period of her life gave her a renewed creative vigour and helped her discover her own voice as an artist. Lithe and silky smooth, it's a soothing one for sure, but it's the gently stirring hook that really sticks with you.

Speaking on the track, Soucis explained: "I'm quite an introspective person and during that time, I found joy in being able to write on my own, exploring the uncomfortable in a format that made me feel fulfilled and confident at the same time. Over the past few years, I was able to find the right support, including therapy, to help me recover and bring back the carefree person that I had left behind. It took a lot of sharing, self-acceptance, and decluttering."

"I'm On" is lifted from her upcoming EP, On Time For Her, which is due to drop imminently. While we wait, hit play on the charming and playful visuals from director Liam Wallace-Cook.

Words: James Keith