Skepta Gives His Blessing To Ryder's '#skeptacore' Refix Series

Skepta Gives His Blessing To Ryder's '#skeptacore' Refix Series

November 13, 2023

Producer Ryder has been killing it of late, racking up big numbers on TikTok with his refixes of classic grime verses. Laying his own ambient, spacey, often drumless underneath timeless vocals, the beatmaker has been breathing new life into Skepta's catalogue.

Labelled #skeptacore, the series consists of nine edits, and it's "skeptacore pt.3" that is proving the most popular so far. Right now, it stands at over a million spins on SoundCloud, while many of the other edits each have listening figures of six figures.

Rather than being resistant to or dismissive of new genres, Skepta's embraced these edits, even co-producing parts of "skeptacore pt.3". While he and Jammer focus on their voyage of house music, #skeptacore comes as a welcome reminder that Skepta hasn't forgotten his musical roots.

You can listen to "skeptacore pt.3" below and then check out the rest of the series over at Ryder's SoundCloud.

Words: Dwayne Wilks